Jessica died from taking a drug One Time...

               Now her Dad delivers one Powerful Message so others don't

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Drug Prevention and Personal Development for the Young Person in Your Life


We are on a mission to spread awareness about Molly and other illegal drugs while connecting teens, young adults, parents, and educators to communities and tools that help young people discover their unique purpose in life.

I Know Jessica Documentary Previews




A multimedia rich life-changing presentation that utilizes the I Know Jessica Documentary and connects with teens and young adults in a way rarely seen before.  In this engaging talk, Alan captures the hearts and minds of his audience as he shares heart-to-heart about the loss of his only child, twenty-one-year-old, Jessica Hunter, to an accidental drug overdose.  The impact of learning that Jessica wasn’t a drug user, but instead made one mistake while attending a music festival that ended her life has a huge impact on students while they learn about tools to help them avoid getting caught up in a similar situation.

Each drug prevention program begins with the I Know Jessica Documentary assembly or web-based video presentation; and is followed up by the "Invisible Forces" 4-part web-based video series.  The Invisible Forces curriculum includes a facilitator's guide and student activities to assist each young person in developing their individual drug prevention action plan.

The first three Invisible Forces video's expose the myths and pitfalls that young people are faced with in their Conversations, Challenges, and Culture. The final video gives them reinforcement to have the Courage in making good choices and pursuing the life of their dreams.

Utilizing a fun and interactive atmosphere of learning, this workshop enables students to discover, experience and apply the four temperament Models of Human Behavior in order to develop communication skills that will enhance any relationship and positively impact their success.

This workshop emphasizes identifying and building on each student’s personal strengths.  The foundation stones of honesty, integrity and character are explored in how they relate to personal success.  Attitude is of utmost importance in personal well-being and many of Zig Ziglar’s tried-and-true methods are taught so that the students will leave with the knowledge of how to make any day – no matter the circumstances – a great day.

Difficulties in relationships can lead to difficulties in every area of life.  It is important to consciously work on building positive relationships.  During this workshop students discover the specific steps they can take to build strong relationships both at home and at school.

This workshop will help students build a balanced life and achieve the goals they set for themselves.  This skill-building training explains the necessity of having an organized goals program and the benefits of consistently achieving goals.  Students learn Zig Ziglar’s proven seven-step goal process and accountability system to help them take what they have learned and implement it on a daily basis.

Middle Schools Programs

Age appropriate presentation perfect for Back To School, Red Ribbon Week, Drug Prevention and High School or College Prep

High School Programs

Drug use on campuses is on the rise.  You can protect your students, reduce liability and improve overall campus culture by booking a film showing for your students. 

Church/Community Events

Churches, community organizations and local businesses can book a private showing to empower the YOUTH and youth LEADERS in your neighborhood to protect your community. 



Alan introduces himself as "Jessica's Dad."


He and his wife Debbie founded The I Know Jessica Project.  They are on a mission to spread awareness about the dangers of illegal drugs to protect young people by empowering them to make more informed choices. 
After the loss of their only child, Jessica, Alan produced a 25-minute documentary to give young viewers, parents, and educators a real life behind the scenes look at how anyone, even those who say, "They will never do drugs" could be at risk.
His message to all young people is "You have the power to Choose Your Story."  He speaks at Schools, Churches, and Community groups across the country.  
Alan is a Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, a Personality Insights DISC Certified Human Behavior Consultant, the Author of the forthcoming book I Know Jessica: The Legacy We Leave Behind, and Co-Author of Dare to Be a Difference Maker, Vol 3. 


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“Extremely Important”

Alan Hunter's talk to my daughter’s National Charity League group focused on plans and dreams and making smart decisions. It also reinforced how important each person is to their friends and family and how even one bad decision can alter many lives. His story was, at times, emotional and difficult to hear, but his message was extremely important."

Joe Parr


“A message that everyone needs to hear!”

Please share this video, it’s heartbreaking but it’s a message that everyone needs to hear! Our choices affect life, our choices affect lives! I cannot imagine my life without one of my children!"

BK Cowart
Youth Coach & Mom of 2


“One of the Most Powerful Things I've Watched!”

“This is one of the most powerful things I’ve watched.” I am sitting my boys down today to watch this. Please, if you have teens or college-aged kids, take the time to watch this and make them watch it too!”"

Minnie Hart


Just saw the video, it’s really good and I made my kids watch it. I am a medial person also and you guys are so right about not knowing what this is or how to even treat a lot of these new drugs."

~ Lin Ray, RN


What a powerful, powerful, message Alan brought to our students."

Dewayne Tamplen
Principle. Decatur, TX Middle School


I Know Jessica lets you and your students know that it (drugs) affects more than just the victim. It touches the lives of everyone that is left behind. "

Terri Hornsby
Assistant Principal, McCarroll Middle School


“Our Students Were Moved!”

It is REALLY important for students to see this film. It is NOT just the typical "Don't do drugs" message. Our students were MOVED. You could tell it was a REAL story to them, it impacted them because it was so real. They now understand how ONE choice can impact everyone."

Cindy Barksdale
Middle School Counselor

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